powder, sun and 80 splitboarder @ CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN 2018

Sometimes everything just fits and the good vibes create a dream weekend in the mountains for everyone involved. This year: Finally more than 2 meters high snow walls when you come out of the tunnel at Silvretta Bielerhöhe! We had already got to know each other in the gondola, somehow it was immediately clear who belonged to the Splitboarders. The gondola is followed by the legendary tunnel taxi and as it climbs up into the sunlight and only snow-capped peaks can be seen, everyone smiles like honeymoon horses and strains the mobile phone cameras until we find out that we are no better than the Asians.

room with a view from Gasthof Piz Buin
room with a view from Gasthof Piz Buin

Splitboarder Welcome

At 5 p. m. we all meet and get to know the whole gang: The more than 60 guests, the team from Splitboards Europe and the representatives of the manufacturers – this time Tobi from Rossignol, Ben from Konvoi, Michael from Never Summer, Victor and Dan from Spark, Willi from Jones and with the longest journey to the valley Tal and Dodo from Plum – with the two Frenchmen having to spend the night involuntarily in the neighbouring valley near Galtür. It is important to pay attention to the dangers of navigation devices that want to send you over the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse  – this road is closed in winter. So: The valley station Partenen can be reached in winter ONLY via Bludenz.

20180202_CTM18_M08_Preisverleihung_053culinary hightligts

After clarification of the program and all questions we can finally devote ourselves to the evening menu of head chef Manfred in the mountain inn Piz Buin, and that is always sensational:
Extensive salad buffet
various soups to choose from
also sometimes pasta or potato salad in advance.
Main course from home-style cuisine, always 3 to choose from and delicately prepared
if you are not yet completely happy, you will break at the dessert at the latest, this time we had an evening with Kaiserschmarrn
Since we had booked the inn completely for our event, it is easy to get to know the others from different countries after dinner with a nice beer or wine, as we all have a great passion: snowboarding!

20180202_M06_Testpool_105105 Splitboards and many more equpiment

From 9 a. m. on saturday immediately after the group photo, we start testing splitboards, bindings, sticks and later at the „ascent workshop“ also skins and crampons or at the LVS workshop of safety equipment. Approximately 20 day guests have been added and so it is a lively exchange of material and a coming and going – as the lift is right next door, no board stays on the road for a long time and almost everyone can test everything he/she likes. From 12 o‘ clock on it says: One hour break – for everyone, because the „Liftboy“ is taking a break ; -) But there are worse things than eating a sensational Kaspressknoedel soup and a light wheat beer on the sun terrace at Piz Buin, are there? In the afternoon we return to the products of:

Arbor, Burton, Jones, Konvoi, Never Summer, Plum, Prior, Rossignol, Salomon and Weston Snowboards.
Plum, Rossignol/Plum, Spark and Karakoram Bindings
Tourenequipment von Arva, Countour, G3, Kohla, Ortovox and Pieps

Those who have found their dream split-set should hurry up, because Splitboards Europe’s warehouse is already lightening.

Tension and relaxation
After enjoying herbal and Finnish sauna and the repeated extensive dinner it will be exciting. Incredible prizes will be raffled off among all participants of the CTM at the tombola:

20180202_M08_Preisverleihung_0331 Rossignol Sushi Splitboard

1 Prior Splitboard

1 Spark Binding

1 Boardholder  Konvoi

2 G3 Skins

1 Contour Skins

2 Voilé shovel

and much more finds new owners in the fun lottery.
After so much excitement there is again relaxation at our freeride movie evening with 2 splitboard movies of Rossignol and Spark, which take us to other powder countries.


sunday = sun + powder

20180202_CTM18_M08_Preisverleihung_075If you have breakfast in the midst of white mountain peaks and the mountain guides are already waiting, there is no stopping and a hustle and bustle is created. Everyone wants to put their stuff on tour and pack up what they want to transport during the day by Team Splitboards Europe. Then it’s finally time to go out, divided into groups and either with or without a mountain guide on one of the many tours into the Silvretta. We take the bus a bit towards the gondola and ascend through a wonderful valley to the Kromer Scharte. The newcomers have the opportunity to get rid of all questions and get used to ascending with Splitboard. The advanced groups make more difference in altitude – but everyone is expecting an amazing descent through the loose powder snow, which has fallen in the night. The honey pie horses say hello again. In the afternoon they all go back down to Partenen by gondola, where you can already pick up your luggage from the busy team of Splitboards Europe. There’s a big farewell in the parking lot, so many new Shred Buddies have found each other and are already making appointments for the next adventures on board.

We thank all participants, it was a party for us!
Simon, Stefan, Dirk, Ollie und Eliane and Julian Kurtenbach, his photos you find here: