Giving anything for splitboards – Interview with Simon Graf in SPLITBOARDMAG

Simon from Splitboards4Europe who started snowboard-touring in 1995 und supplies Europe with Splitboards since 2000:

„…Voilé was the first company really who produced and sold splitboards on a grand scale. They started this business approximately in the mid 90s. Our beginnings were even more exciting. But it was worth all the time and energy we invested. And to show the people how a splitboard works. Everyone was stoked when they left for home, and they told their friends about it.“

read the whole interview:

Out now: SPLITBOARDMAG first issue of the season 13-14
The guys from the Pyrenees are back featuring 38 different splitboard manufacturers, 9 different bindings and two brands with special boots for splitboarders in their new catalog.
But this issue is not only a catalog, it features also different articles to make the reading a more pleasant experience. Roman Jagl was finally able to realize his dream of crossing the Alps with his splitboard in 6 days, Marshal Chupa offers his point of view in the Split-Art section and four different riders sharing their passion for splitboarding in our most famous section and the one we are the most proud about: Around the world.